Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Truckery Rhymes!

Jon Scieszka's Trucktown Series has a Truckery Rhymes (nursery rhymes) picture book!

This would be a great present for a boy preschool age through about grade 2 or 3. Scieszka rewrote the most popular nursery rhymes and collaborated with 3 creative illustrators to make this dynamic book children will want to read over and over.

The Loud Trucks (Three Blind Mice)

Three LOUD trucks.
Three LOUD trucks.
See how they ZOOM.
See how they ZOOM.
They all jumped over
the muck and goo.
They skidded and screeched
and their mufflers blew.
Did you ever see
such a crazy crew?
As three LOUD trucks.
Three LOUD trucks.

That's What Trucks are Made Of (What are Little Boys Made Of?)

Metal and stuff and everything tough-
That's what trucks are made of--
Play by the ton, and everything fun--
That's what trucks are made of.

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