Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Fabulous Fair Alphabet

"A Fabulous Fair Alphabet" by Debra Frasier, 2010

I was quickly drawn to this picture book in the library because of the less common topic of "fair". I like the book not because of the use of the alphabet or illustrations but the content used to describe what one would see at a typical American fair. Clearly, one could read this anytime, but I think it would make a great summertime book to read before and after going to an actual fair.

The illustrations are very bold and colorful. At times, I think they are a bit distracting. The only words used are the words linked to each letter of the alphabet.

The words used are arena, barn, cotton candy, dill pickle, eat everything, Ferris Wheel, games, Holstein, ice cream, judging, kids, large lemonade, Midway nights, outstanding, pigs, quilts, roller coaster, slide, tractor, unbelievable, vegetables, win, eXit, yawning, and zucchini.

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