Friday, June 28, 2013

AA is for Aardvark

"AA is for Aardvark: Double the Letters! Double the Fun!" was written by Mark Shulman (2005).

Parents and teachers this is a great resource for you! This picture book highlights many of the common words in the English language with double letters. There are a two or three examples for each letter of the alphabet.

"AA is for aardvark. Aaron Aardvark loves playing with Isaac Aardwolf. BB is for rubber band. No grabbing. And I'm not fibbing."

I think that elementary age children will find this fascinating to have these words compiled into one picture book. It's fascinating to ME! (I still continue to spell "vacuum" wrong!)

"Ahh...please don't make noise while I take my bath. Shh! HH is for shh! II is for Hawaii. It's where I love to go skiing!"

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