Saturday, June 15, 2013

Captain Bob Sets Sail

"Captain Bob Sets Sail" by Roni Schotter is a picture book about a boy who pretends he is the Captain while he takes a bath.

"It was a crowded bay. There were ducks and deep-diving dinosaurs and boats bobbing and banging and splashing and crashing. It was a soap-sinking sea, but Bob only laughed--'Ha ha!'--for he was Captain."

Join Captain Bob's adventure as he wrestles with Faucet Falls, escapes the ruby-ringed Sea Hand, and swims across Bath Bay.

"But the waters of Bath Bay were cold now-- bone chilling. 'Sh-sh-sh-shake and sh-shiver and quiver me timbers,' Bob chattered. 'It's t-t-time to go. Attention all ships. Land ho!'"

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