Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Curious George Says Thank You

"Curious George Says Thank You" by Emily Flaschner Meyer, 2011

It all started when George received a thank-you card in the mail from a friend thanking him for a birthday present. This got Curious George thinking about who he could give thank-you cards to. He began thinking and making lots of cards. One of the people George wanted to thank was the mail carrier, but he couldn't catch up to her. He ran into some trouble along the way but was finally able to give the mail carrier his thank-you.

"George proudly gave her a thank-you card. 'Wow, George!' said the mail carrier. 'I'm usually the one delivering the cards. This sure is a treat!'"

Help teach children the importance of thanking people for kindness they have shown, services they provide or gifts they have given them. This would be a great book to read right after a child's birthday before writing thank you notes to people for all of the birthday gifts.

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Jeff Kahl said...

Cyrus said "thank you" to me this morning when I gave him Chex. :)