Saturday, June 8, 2013

Too Hot? Too Cold?

"Too Hot? Too Cold?: Keeping Body Temperature Just Right" by Caroline Arnold, 2013

This is a great elementary-age health/science resource. It is a picture book with loads of information all about how humans and animals keep their temperature under control. It reviews warm and cold-blooded animals, sweating and panting, and cooling and warming in the blood.

Fur, hair, feathers, and fat help to keep temperature right in animals or humans. It also reviews hibernation and migration.

"An animal's body shape affects its ability to stay warm. For example, on a hot day a cat stretches out its body and lies in the shade. On a cold day the cat curls up in a ball. A compact shape has less surface area exposed to the air, so the cat stays warmer when it is curled up and cooler when it is stretched out."

Have you ever heard of estivating? "Lungfish, which live in Africa and South America, estivate by burrowing into mud and becoming dormant when rivers and water holes dry up."

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