Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Margaret Hillert Books

Thanks to other fellow bloggers, I became acquainted with author Margaret Hillert. This is why I love reading and sharing so that I can find books that are in line with my taste and educational goals for my child.

Margaret Hillert was a first grade teacher from Michigan who developed a whole system of beginning reading books for children in the 1960's and 1970's under Follet Publishing Company (Follett JUST Beginning-to-Read Books).

Many of these stories are retellings of popular tales like Cinderella and the Ugly Duckling. Hillert uses popular sight words used by beginner readers. The illustrations are often classic and old-fashioned which I LOVE.

Here is an excerpt from Cinderella at the Ball:

"Away you go. Away, little one. Away to the ball. A ball is fun. Here I go. Up, up, up. Up to the ball. Oh my, oh my. It is fun here. Fun for you and me."

The Funny Baby is the title of book retelling the story of the popular Ugly Duckling tale. Here is an excerpt:

"Oh look. Here is something. One little one. Two little ones. Three little ones. And a big one. Where is the mother? Can you find the mother? See here. Here is the mother. See mother go."

The illustrations will be helpful in assisting the young reader in comprehending the story as will a former introduction to the original tale.

I'm interested in finding beginner reading books that assist with reading, are simplistic, and something other than the latest commercialized material.

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