Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Skip Through the Seasons

"Skip Through the Seasons" by Stella Blackstone

This interactive picture book explores common thematic items associated with each month of the year. There is a two-page spread for each month and a strip of words along the bottom with various words. The reader is prompted to locate the words in the illustrations.

"Splash into April, come along with me! The first spring rains are sweet and warm--what can you see?" 

The words provided at the bottom are: "rubber boots, puddles, umbrellas, fountain, puppy, sidewalk, rain hats, steps, drainpipe, paper boat, gate, and daffodils."

Probably the best aspect I like is that it is NOT overly busy. I don't think kids need to search like they are looking for "needles in a haystack". The simplicity helps maintain the focus of each seasonal theme.

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