Friday, September 27, 2013

Clifford The Big Red Dog

"Clifford The Big Red Dog" by Norman Bridwell, 1963

This classic story has become an American favorite over the past fifty years with dozens of subsequent stories. There are so many versions, it is sometimes a challenge to come across the original story.

Emily Elizabeth introduces her dog Clifford who is "the biggest, reddest dog" on her street. She describes how they play together and how sometimes Clifford makes mistakes like catching people driving around in their cars! Children will love the humor in the illustrations of Clifford getting into mischief. One of Clifford's strengths is being a great watchdog. At the end of the story, Emily Elizabeth enters Clifford in a dog show, but he doesn't win first prize. Emily doesn't mind because she thinks he is great.

Some of the other Clifford picture books include how he celebrates each major holiday such as Clifford's First Christmas and Clifford's Thanksgiving Visit. There are also beginning reader books such as Clifford Goes to the Doctor and Clifford and the Dinosaurs.

Then of course there are board books, audio books, and a popular television series!

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