Monday, September 30, 2013

The Apple Pie that Papa Baked

"The Apple Pie that Papa Baked" by Lauren Thompson, illustrated by Jonathan Bean

This story follows the pattern of the familiar nursery rhyme This is the House that Jack Built. It is about a young girl who tells about the apple pie her father made.

"This is the world, blooming with life, that spins with the sun, fiery and bright, that lights the sky, wide and fair, that carries the clouds, heaped and round, that drops the rain, cool and fresh, that waters the roots, deep and fine, that feed the tree, crooked and strong, that grows the apples, juicy and red, that go in the pies, warm and sweet, that Papa bakes."

The colors in the illustrations add warmth to story and helps to give the reader an ability to almost smell that yummy apple pie!!

Although this would be a great story to read anytime, I think it makes sense to read it in the autumn months to help make the season come alive!

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