Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Pumpkin Fair

"The Pumpkin Fair" by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Eileen Christelow (author/illustrator of Five
Little Monkeys Series)

The Pumpkin Fair is the place to be with dozens and dozens of pumpkins and people eager to show off their prize-winning pumpkins, select their pumpkins for home, listen to the Peter Pumpkin Band, watch the Pumpkin Princess float by, play pumpkin bowling and other fun pumpkin games, eat pumpkin pie and so much more.

"It's growing dark, but through the night, the jack-o'-lanterns shines so bright. We all hold hands and sing a song of pumpkins round and pumpkins long, of pumpkins fat and pumpkins lean and pumpkins somewhere in between. 'Good night! Good night! Sleep tight! Take care! See you at next year's Pumpkin Fair!'"

I love the idea of reading this book before heading out to pick out your own pumpkins or attending a Halloween parade or similar event. It just helps to put you in the Halloween mood and realize how great a community can be when it comes together during the holiday season.

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Jeff Kahl said...

Halloween is my favorite season!
Can't wait to take Cy around in his "Elmo" costume! :)