Thursday, November 7, 2013

Here Comes Super Grover!

"Here Comes Super Grover!" is a new beginning reading book by Candlewick Press. There are 4 short chapters in this book. Super Grover is the main character in the book who works hard to solve a different problem in each chapter. In the beginning of each chapter, there is a short introduction that a parent or helper can read to the child before he/she begins to read.

Here is a sample from Chapter 1 " Super Grover to the Rescue":

"Elmo has a wagon. He sees the steps. Oh, no! Super Grover brings a balloon. "A balloon won't work," says Elmo. Super Grover brings a kite. "A kite won't work," says Elmo. Super Grover brings a board. Elmo walks down the ramp!"

Children will love these readers starring their favorite Sesame Street characters as well as the little problem solving lessons. 

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