Saturday, December 14, 2013

How Do You Know?

"How Do You Know?" by Deborah W. Trotter, 2006

This story is about a young child named Polly and her mother who woke up one morning to a thick fog. The fog was so thick, you could barely see anything outside. Polly thought that everything disappeared because she could not see it anymore.

"Mama laughed. 'Everything's still there. It's just hiding in the fog.' 'What's fog?' asked Polly. 'It's damp air that you can see. And when it's really thick like it is this morning, you can't see through it.' Polly peered out the window. 'How do you know everything's still there?' she asked. 'I just do,' said Mama."

Mama and Polly went outside to see and feel the morning fog. They went to find Polly's swing, picked apples off of the ground that had fallen from the apple tree, found the pond and the barn. They fed the horses some of the apples they picked. Once they were finished in the barn, they went back outside and saw that the fog started to lift. They could start to see everything again.

At night when Mama was putting Polly to bed, and Polly said 'I love you, Mama.' 'I love you, too, Polly.' 'I know.' 'How do you know?' Mama asked. Polly smiled and closed her eyes. 'I just do.'"

This book portrays an accurate picture of the inquisitive nature of children as well as their often limited understanding of the world around them. Children often ask questions because they need reassurance when their world changes unexpectedly like waking up to a thick fog. And Polly's Mama begins to teach her more than just about what fog is but that we can be assured about some things in life like knowing when we love one another.

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