Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Growing Story

"The Growing Story" by Ruth Krauss

This adorable story is about a little boy who began to notice when nature started to grow after a long winter. He asked his mother if he is growing just like the flowers, trees and grass. His mother reassured him that he was in fact growing. As the seasons changed, they packed away the little boy's winter clothes and brought out the summer clothes.

The months went buy and the little boy continued to notice everything growing except himself.

"The corn grew. Blossoms grew on the orchard trees. Lilacs bloomed by the barn. The chicks grew taller. The puppy grew taller. The little boy said, 'You both grew taller.' He said to his mother, 'They both grew taller. I don't feel taller.' He asked her, 'Am I growing too?' 'Oh yes. Of course,' his mother replied."

As the cooler weather started settling in, the boy and his mother pulled out the clothes they had put away last winter. The little boy put on his clothes and....he GREW! He put on his coat, and it was too small! He was so excited. He did cartwheels!