Sunday, June 2, 2013

"A Child's Good Morning Book"

"A Child's Good Morning Book" by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Karen Katz.

Bright and early in the morning the sun wakes up more than just little boys and girls. The sun wakes up the birds, horses, squirrels, sheep, goats, rabbits and even the flowers.

"The flowers open to the morning sun. The thistles unclose, the primrose, the daisies, and the wild pink rose. And the bees begin to buzz. Wake up, bees, and buss through the murmuring day. The morning glory climbs the vine. The bugs are creeping. One bug is still sleeping. Wake up, bug!"

"Wake up everyone, this is your day!"

This is an overall cheery book for preschool age children. Help start the day off on a bright note and introduce children to some advanced descriptive words like "murmuring" or "creeping".