Monday, June 17, 2013

Pippa at the Parade

"Pippa at the Parade" by Karen Roosa

 "Pippa's toes tap, feel the beat. Music starting down the street. Clapping hands! Clappity-clap. Band is coming! Tippity-tap. See them marching, strutting along, stepping lively to the jazzy song."

This is just a great, great picture book about parades. You could read it around Independence Day or any other event when there is a parade. So many towns have parades around Memorial Day and other special occasions through the summer months. Although there are fireworks at the end, this book doesn't mention any holiday. It can be read anytime because parades are very memorable with the loud music, loud fire sirens, candy-throwing and floats. Kids may even remember watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade on television.

"Toss a ball, win a prize. Pippa throws. Big surprise! Cotton candy, sticky sweet, on Pippa's fingers--Yellow! Orange! Fireworks flare. Boom, ka-boom in the evening air. Light is fading. Sunset red. Parade is over. Time for bed."