Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wow! Ocean!

"Wow! Ocean!" by Robert Neubecker

This is such a different kind of preschool book. I know this because I read hundreds of picture books. The first thing I thought of when reading this book is that it would be great for kindergarten age (5 and 6 years old), but it of course would make a great preschool book or any elementary age child.

The illustrations are vibrant, bold and detailed. Each two-page spread focuses on one specific aspect of ocean life. For example, "Wow! Rays!" shows illustrations of all different kinds of ocean rays. Then each different kind of ray is labeled with its name. There are sawfish, guitarfish, stingrays, butterfly rays, eagle rays, little skate, torpedo rays, thornback rays, and giant manta rays.

The other focal pages are about shells, tide pool, fish, whales, sharks, jellyfish, what's down "deep", coral reefs, dolphins, anemone, turtles, and lastly sunken ship!

And it is as simple as illustrations, the focus, and the names of specific creatures. So it isn't one of these abundant fact-filled books full of tons of words.