Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thanksgiving Mice!

"Thanksgiving Mice!" by Bethany Roberts

The mice are putting on a play about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

"Pilgrim mice sailed on a ship. They came from England, far away. 'Raise the anchor!' 'Set the sails!' 'To America we go!' For many days the Pilgrim mice in stormy seas tossed to and fro. They huddled, seasick in the hold, hungry, thirsty, filled with dread. At last their journey came to an end. The mice all shouted, 'Land ahead!'"

This is another cute book in this series. One thing I would say is given the content, it may be more suited for the older preschool children, kindergartners, and early elementary age children. It is cute to read if your children are familiar with the other mouse books by Bethany Roberts, but the history may be a bit over the younger children's heads. The other books in the series seem better suited for preschoolers.