Thursday, January 2, 2014

In the Snow

"In the Snow" by Peggy Collins

This is the perfect snow-fun picture book for preschoolers. A little boy wakes up one morning to find that it snowed during the night. He prepares to head outside and play, and his father joins him. The illustrations and story are perfect for this age group.

"The birds look hungry. I help daddy fill the bird feeder with yummy birdseed. I think those squirrels really like the birdseed, too. I see a bunny hopping away from the tree. Hey little bunny, wait for me! I can HOP HOP HOP, too. That bunny is VERY fast. While I was hopping, Daddy made an enormous snowball...I wonder what it's for?"

The boy and his father build a huge snowman. I love that this book features a father who plays with his son too. I try and remember books that feature fathers and their children to get for my husband to read to our child. I think it helps to provide fathers with tools for discussion starters and reinforces the father/child relationship.

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