Thursday, May 1, 2014

Seasons: Alphabet Acrostic Series

Steven Schnur has a four book series on each of the seasons using thematic acrostics beginning with each letter of the alphabet.

"Autumn: An Alphabet Acrostic" uses words like acorn, barn, corn, pumpkin and ripe.

The acrostic for ripe is:
    "Red apples in bushel baskets
     In the cellar, soon to become
    Pies or applesauce or shined and       Eaten on the way to school."

"Spring: An Alphabet Acrostic" uses words like eggs, grass, kites, nest, seeds and young.

The acrostic for young is

              "Yellow goslings turning brown,
                          One lamb joins the flock,
                          Up in the oak
                          Nests emptying, all the newborns

"Winter: An Alphabet Acrostic" uses words like cold, igloo, quilt, and thaw.

The acrostic for thaw is
          "The sun rises
           Higher each day,
          And as the ice begins to melt,
          Water runs from the roof."

"Summer: An Alphabet Acrostic" uses words like beach, flags, mosquito's, picnic and lighthouse.

The acrostic for lighthouse is
                              "Large ships head
                               Into port,
                               Guided safely
                               Home by tall
                               Towers perched
                               On cliffs, their
                               Unceasing beacons
                               Sweeping the coast
                               Each night.

I recommend all of these books for elementary age students. The acrostics and descriptive language will help foster creative writing as well as a greater appreciation for reading beautiful language.

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