Monday, May 26, 2014

While the World is Sleeping

Soar with a young boy on the back of a large owl While the World is Sleeping by Pamela Duncan Edwards is a fun-to-read bedtime story.

"A sleek raccoon with bandit eyes, takes his nightly exercise. In garbage cans he'll find his prize, while the world is sleeping."

This boldly illustrated picture book full of rhyme and descriptive language paints a vivid world of wildlife during the night. Although it touches on some of the dangers that exist for animals and their prey, it also describes some of the ways in which animals protect themselves.

"In the woods, a porcupine, rattles quills to send a sign, don't come near, this food is mine! While the world is sleeping."

In addition to the enriching language, children will learn about wildlife at night, how animals protect themselves, and how to see the world around them from a different perspective.

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