Monday, June 30, 2014

ABC Book of Feelings

ABC Book of Feelings by Marlys Boddy

"God gave everyone feelings, And they're important too! No matter how old you are, They're still a part of you. Can you share your feelings? Why don't you try and see? Here are some good ideas, Starting from A to Z."

This book explores common feelings for each letter of the alphabet using adorable mouse characters in the illustrations. 

"Offended is how you feel when someone has hurt your feelings. Puzzled is how you feel when you don't know the answer."

Examples of other feelings defined are zany, disappointed, worried, foolish, and kind.

Monday, June 23, 2014

To Market, To Market

"To Market, To Market" by Anne Miranda, illustrations by Janet Stevens

This is a silly story using the traditional nursery rhyme "To Market, to Market, to buy a fat pig. Home again, home again, jiggity jig."

An older woman goes to the market for a pig, and the illustrations show the large live pig spilling out of the grocery cart. She took the pig home and went back to buy a hen. When she arrived home, she found that the pig escaped the pig pen and went into the house. Surprisingly, the woman left home again to go buy a plump goose only to return home and find the hen on the loose.

The story continues in much the same way as she buys a trout, lamb, cow, duck, and goat. All of the animals took over her house.

"The lamb's on the bed. The pig's in the kitchen. The cow's on the couch. There's a duck on my head! The hen's in the cupboard. The goose is there, too. The goat's in the closet-it's chewing my shoe! The trout's in the bathtub. This place is a zoo! I'm hungry, I'm cranky--now what will I do?"

You'll have to read this story to find out what she does!

This silly cause and effect story will humor your children and quite possibly make them hungry!

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Story of Jesus

The Story of Jesus by Patricia A. Pingry

This is a board book with simple text and friendly pictures to introduce Jesus to young children.

"Jesus is the Son of God.
He loves us very much.
We celebrate Jesus' birthday at Christmas...One little boy had five rolls and two fish for his lunch. The boy gave it to Jesus to share. Jesus fed 5,000 people with the boy's lunch. Jesus promised that He would be with us forever. When we pray, we ask Jesus to help us. We love Jesus, because He first loved us."

It isn't always easy to find stories about Jesus for young children that present Christ's death on the cross in an age-appropriate manner. This book shows a family going to church on Easter Sunday with three crosses next to the church. It simply says "On Easter, we remember that Jesus gave His life for us." The bright illustrations show signs of new life with tulips and a butterfly emphasizing the resurrection instead of the crucifixion. Personally I like that approach for children under three years old.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Sleep, Baby, Sleep

"Sleep, Baby, Sleep" by Maryann Cusimano Love 

This little, melodic board book is a soothing lullaby read in part or in whole.

"Splash, baby, splash.

Stand tall as the waves crash.
Be always like the hound who dares
to find adventure everywhere.
Splash, baby, splash."

It's one of my new favorites, and I found it at my local library used book sale for 50 cents!

"Shine, baby, shine, 
graceful child of mine.
Be like the firefly who glows
no matter how the darkness grows.
Shine, baby, shine.