Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Raccoon Tune

"Raccoon Tune" by Nancy Shaw

Set in June, this is a raccoon tale about raccoons hunting for yummy food from people's garbage cans at night.

"Moonlight, June night, just-right-for-raccoon night. Out we creep while people sleep. Soon we hope to find a heap of cheese and bread crumbs, piled deep on codfish bones and beets."

The raccoons have fun knocking over garbage cans and doing whatever it takes to get the lids off. These raccoons don't stop until they get their treats! They end up rolling a garbage can down a hill until it falls into a stream. Once they get it out, instead of trash, they catch a whole mess of fresh fish! They will have a "feast of trout"!

This entertaining picture book will excite children and teach them about one of the lesser used animals in storytelling.

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