Monday, January 6, 2014

Brambly Hedge Series

The Brambly Hedge Series, written by Jill Barklem, is about a mouse community that lives among the trees in Brambly Hedge. These talented little creatures work and play hard just like humans.

In the book Winter Story, Mr. Apple is the warden of the Store Stump. He and his wife Mrs. Apple lived in Crabapple Cottage. I love the illustrations of the tunnels the mice dug through the snow that connected their houses to the Store Stump. Mr. Apple announced that Lord Woodmouse and he would declare a Snow Ball would take place.

"When the snows are lying deep
When the field has gone to sleep,
When the blackthorn turns to white,
And frosty stars bejewel the night,
When summer streams are turned to ice,
A Snow Ball warms the heart of mice."

The illustrations are so very detailed, you and your children must look at the pictures while reading this series.

Other titles in the series are Autumn Story, Summer Story, and Spring Story.

I was hooked from the first book, and I then I had to read all of them...mostly to look at the pictures.