Monday, March 17, 2014

Peter Rabbit's Happy Easter

"Peter Rabbit's Happy Easter" by Grace Maccarone, illustrated by David McPhail

Trying to prove himself to be a good little rabbit, Peter went out for a walk and started collecting eggs from around the community that he felt as though were "extra". He did not ask for permission. He thought that he was going to make his mother happy that he brought home eggs.

Peter was a bit clumsy and while carrying the eggs through the house, he accidentally spilled paint that poured all over the eggs. Fortunately, the paint only made the eggs look prettier.

When Peter's mother saw the eggs, Peter explained that he brought them for her. His Mother explained to Peter that even though he was trying to do something good, he took eggs that didn't belong to him. She made Peter take back all of the eggs. Peter took them back during the evening, so in the morning all of the people who had eggs returned had colorfully decorated eggs. Since it happened to be Easter Sunday, the people began a new tradition of calling Peter the Easter Bunny who painted eggs for the children in the town.