Monday, April 21, 2014

Designed By God

Designed by God So I Must Be Special by Bonnie Sose

This large colorful book has a poem on each two-page spread about how and why God gave us eyes, ears, noses, skins, bodies, minds, hearts, and spirits. 

"He gave me my Spirit
so that I could know
that He's always beside me
every place that I go.

To love me, to protect me,
to show me the way,
to be there in hard times
as well as each day.

He designed me with Special talents,
gifts and abilities you see,
which let me know that He has
something Special in mind for me."

Although the illustrations are a little much for my taste, the text has an important message. Since the illustrations look child-drawn, pull out markers and white paper and have your children create their own drawings of themselves in a similar manner.