Saturday, May 10, 2014

No Matter What

"No Matter What" by Debi Gliori, 1999

This is a story about a young fox and his mommy. Small was the name of the young child fox, and he was very unhappy. When Small's Mommy, named Large, asked him what was wrong he said,

"'I'm grim and grumpy,' said little Small, 'and I don't think you love me at all.' 'Oh, Small,' said Large, 'grumpy or not, I'll always love you, no matter what.'"

Then Small goes on to ask all of these different scenarios to test and see if Large would still love him, and she said, "I'd always love you, no matter what."

Even with that Small still wondered if there were any conditions in which he was loved less. Large has some final words of wisdom for Small just before bed.

"Look up at the stars. They're far, far away. But their light reaches us at the end of each day. It's like that with love--we may be close, we may be far, but our love still surrounds us...wherever we are."