Monday, June 23, 2014

To Market, To Market

"To Market, To Market" by Anne Miranda, illustrations by Janet Stevens

This is a silly story using the traditional nursery rhyme "To Market, to Market, to buy a fat pig. Home again, home again, jiggity jig."

An older woman goes to the market for a pig, and the illustrations show the large live pig spilling out of the grocery cart. She took the pig home and went back to buy a hen. When she arrived home, she found that the pig escaped the pig pen and went into the house. Surprisingly, the woman left home again to go buy a plump goose only to return home and find the hen on the loose.

The story continues in much the same way as she buys a trout, lamb, cow, duck, and goat. All of the animals took over her house.

"The lamb's on the bed. The pig's in the kitchen. The cow's on the couch. There's a duck on my head! The hen's in the cupboard. The goose is there, too. The goat's in the closet-it's chewing my shoe! The trout's in the bathtub. This place is a zoo! I'm hungry, I'm cranky--now what will I do?"

You'll have to read this story to find out what she does!

This silly cause and effect story will humor your children and quite possibly make them hungry!