Wednesday, February 10, 2016

My Happy Easter Book

"My Happy Easter Book" by Gloria A. Truitt

The book begins with a review of Jesus' friends and family grieving over the loss of him when he died on the cross. It reviews how he was placed in a tomb with a giant stone in front. It shows when Mary and Mary Magdalene found Jesus alive. Then it tries to explain why we celebrate Easter each year.

"The happy time of Easter comes every year in spring when, following the winter's chill, we hear the robins sing.

Now everywhere we look it seems that fresh, new life is seen--from budding trees to crawly worms, and many sprouts of green."

In addition to telling of how Jesus died and rose from the dead, this book has a place in the beginning to write who the book is for, who it was presented by and the date. At the end, there is a space for a personalized Easter Poem and a personalized Easter Prayer.

"Praise God, for it is wonderful that Jesus came to earth. He died, but rose to live again, so we could have new birth! Think of all the joyful things we learn at Easter time. Then write it on the lines below to make an Easter rhyme!"

"God sacrificed His only Son to save us from our sin; and so we have eternal life, since we believe in Him!"

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