Saturday, February 13, 2016

The ABC's of Easter

"The ABC's of Easter" by Patricia Reeder Eubank

I like this book because of the descriptive language used to describe Easter and springtime things. 

"A is for airy, azure blue skies, amethyst azaleas, and soft April showers. B is for bright-ribboned bonnets, bold, busy bunnies, and baskets of flowers."

The characters in the story are three bunnies who enjoy all of the preparations of Easter and the beauty of springtime nature. The colorful detailed pictures provide the reader with additional material to talk about.

"J is for jumbo jawbreakers and jolly-colored jellybeans jumbled in a jar." The corresponding illustration shows two bunnies eating jaw breakers and jellybeans out of a huge glass jar. The third bunny is jumping rope with two big dogs. There are two big cats watching in a nearby tree. One cat is laying in the middle of the tree, and the other cat is swinging on a limb.

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