Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Dark Emperor

"The Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night" by Joyce Sidman is a Newberry Honor Book (2011).

This short picture book of poems should be on every elementary school teachers bookshelf.

Here is my husband's favorite poem:

Dark Emperor

"Perched missile,
almost invisible, you
preen silent feathers,
swivel your sleek satellite
dish of head. What fills the
cool moons of your mesmerizing
eyes? What waves of sound
funnel toward those waiting
ears? What symphonies of
squeaks and skitters, darts
and rustles, swell the vast,
breathing darkness of your
realm? O Dark Emperor
of hooked face and
hungry eye: turn that
awful beak away
from me;
the tiny hiccup
of my heart
as I flee."

On one page is a poem, and on the opposite page is a short explanation about certain nocturnal animals and how they survive the night time. Snails, moths, spiders, porcupine, and crickets are some of the other creatures written about.

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