Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Quilting Bee

"The Quilting Bee" by Gail Gibbons, 2004

This is more than a quilting book. It is full of history and community.

"A group of quilt makers have come together to share thier time and many talents piecing togehter a beautiful quilt. Their group is called a quilting beek, or a quilting circle."

Pioneer women used to make quilts for their families and made quilt blocks that told stories of prairie life.

There is a Road to California pattern that looks like a wagon trail or Hill and Valley block pattern that showed the way the land looks as the pioneers journeyed along to their next destination.

Read this book to see what the Bear's Paw, Dove in the Window, Hovering Hawks, Log Cabin, Rail Fence, and Little Red Schoolhouse pattern blocks look like. There about 37 different patters shown in the book.

The book describes how the quilts are made with many different women. It also shows some of the modern quilting and sewing tools women use.

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