Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Story of Ferdinand

"The Story of Ferdinand" by Robert Lawson

The setting was a countryside in Spain where a bull name Ferdinand felt out of place.

"All the other little bulls he lived with would run and jump and butt their heads together, but not Ferdinand. He liked to sit just quietly and smell the flowers."

His mother worried about him but knew he was happy smelling the flowers. She let him be himself. As the bulls grew up, Ferdinand still liked to smell the flowers, and the other bulls liked to fight one another in hopes of being selected for bull fighting in Madrid. Five men came into town to choose bulls for an upcoming fight. All of the bulls tried to show-off except for Ferdinand. He assumed they wouldn't be interested in him, so he went off to smell the flowers. But Ferdinand didn't watch where he was sitting and sat right on top of a bee. 

You'll have to check this book our of your local library to find out what happened next!