Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs

"Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs" by Janet Morgan Stoeke

Minerva Louise is so silly, she thinks any human begins she sees are farmers. She also doesn't know what Easter eggs or Easter baskets are.

She saw colorful eggs all over the yard, but they kept disappearing. She didn't notice the children who were gathering the eggs during an egg hunt. She thought an Easter basket was a hat.

"Some hen is forgetting her eggs, said Minerva Louise. And I can't warm all of them by myself. She ran to the barn to tell her friends. 'Look,' she said, 'I'm finding eggs outside, and some of them are so cold they're turning blue.'"

The Littles Series

"The Littles" by John Peterson

This series is about a "little" family who lived inside a house with The Biggs. William T. Little (Will) is the father, 10 year old Tom Little, 8 year old Lucy Little. Will Little was the tallest, and he was only 6 inches tall!

There is a Granny Little and Uncle Pete as well. The littles looked like human beings except they were very tiny and had a long tail like mice.

Cousin Dinky was an adventurous Little. He didn't live with them, but he visited all of the other families like the Littles. The other families (The Fines, The Shorts, The Crums, and The Buttons) lived in other homes. 

The Biggs' don't know about the Little family. The Littles often watched the Biggs' through a one of the light switches on the wall. The Littles ate the leftover food and used some of their items to survive. In return, the Littles did things around the house as favors that the Biggs' didn't even know about like keeping the pipes from freezing in the winter time.

Boys will love this series because the Littles have to use weapons like bows and arrows, slingshots many times to fend off danger from weasels and cats.

In The Littles Take a Trip, the Littles venture out into the woods to meet other tiny people. They met the Specks who lived in the woods. The Specks were fascinated that the Littles lived in a house. They called them House Tinies.

In Order:

1. The Littles
2. The Littles Take a Trip
3. The Littles to the Rescue
4. The Littles Have a Wedding
5. The Littles Give a Party
6. The Littles and the Great Halloween Scare
7. The Littles and the Trash Tinies
8. The Littles Go Exploring
9. The Littles and the Big Storm
10. Littles Go to School
11. The Littles and the Lost Children
12. The Littles and the Terrible Tiny Kid
13. The Littles and Their Amazing New Friend
14. The Littles and Their Friends
The Littles Have a Happy Valentine's Day
Thanksgiving Gues
The Little sDo Their Homework